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 Hi Voxy,


It was great to see/meet you last week; I was really impressed with what you are working on.  I wanted to follow-up on the resources I mentioned during the Q&A:


10 Methodological Principles for Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT):  The most useful thing in this document is likely the chart with the methodological principles; this came out in 2003, so a lot of the ideas of what is possible for distance language learning are out-of-date.  Nevertheless, this is a seminal article on TBLT and distance language learning


Principles for effective online language instruction:  This is an article I co-authored a couple of years ago; it talks about how to establish effective distance learning courses, and has some stuff that’s useful to think about for down the roadmap when some of Voxy’s offerings are more comprehensive and course-like.


Rosetta Stone/Auralog TELL ME MORE  This is the article I mentioned that discusses the study I did with Rosetta Stone and Auralog TELL ME MORE.  The literature review up front covers the state-of-the-science (at least when I wrote this in 2010) of autonomous language learning and illustrates the need for engaging, real-world, maximally applicable content.


Developing language learning games This has some useful information about creating effective language learning games.  The formatting gets a little weird b/c this was originally on a different website, but there is some good content here.


I have just finished working on a giant technical report updating the research on distance and mobile language learning; I am hoping that the client clears it for a full release soon, and when it’s available I will send it your way.


If anyone has any questions about this stuff or wants more information, let me know!  Also, if you want more resources (like the giant tech report on the Chinese course or some older CASL software reviews), let me know that, too.




Interesting language learning resources from Katie

 Hi Voxy,   It was great to see/meet you last week; I was really impressed with what you are working on.  I …