My story (the shorter version)

I have 14 years of experience building businesses as an operator, investor, and entrepreneur.   I’m currently the CEO of Voxy, a venture-funded education technology company based in NY that I founded in 2010.  Voxy is an experiential learning platform that uses mobile/web technology to teach English to people in developing global markets.

Prior to starting Voxy, I was a venture investor for Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, the team that created Virgin Mobile, Virgin America, and Virgin Galactic.  While there, I evaluated new business opportunities across a number of sectors, and helped conceive, incubate and launch Virgin Hotels. I learned two critical lessons from Richard and Virgin:  attack big markets and dedicate yourself to something about which you are truly passionate.

Before Virgin, I was a management consultant with Booz Allen, where I advised senior executives in media and consumer-facing businesses on strategy and operations.  Tough work, grueling hours, lousy travel, but I still wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I think better as a result of those years of 100-hour weeks, heavy data-analysis, and having to rapidly structure and solve inherently unstructured problems.

Earlier in my career, I spent three years in Madrid, launching a new retail business for GM Europe, and also helped start an import/export business in Santiago, Chile.  In addition to learning the most valuable skill of any entrepreneur – sales – I also became bilingual and developed my lifelong passion for travel and language education.

I speak fluent Spanish, passable Portuguese, and am really trying to learn Mandarin.

I currently residing in Greenwich Village, NYC. Previously lived in Milwaukee (born and raised), Hanover, Santiago, Madrid, Chicago, and Chenai

Education: Undergrad in Economics from Dartmouth College and an MBA with Honors from The University of Chicago (Booth).

Fun (in no particular order): Voxy, travel, family, food, wine, biking, and reading.

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